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Modern Theatre in Context: A Critical Timeline

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Uma Parameswaran

Uma Parameswaran's groundbreaking South Asian Canadian play, Rootless but Green are the Boulevard Trees is published, although never staged. Although preceded by two dance-dramas, both performed in Winnipeg – Meera in 1979 and Sita's Promise in 1981 - Rootless but Green are the Boulevard Trees will prove her final work for the stage, and Parameswaran becomes one of Canada's leading novelists with her short fiction collection, What Was Always Hers winning the Canadian Authors' Association Jubilee Award in 2000.

Following the lead of Toronto's Native Earth Performing Arts – but specifically designed for performance to native people instead of a more mainstream urban audience – The Native Theatre Group is founded in Yellowknife. It is dedicated to depicting native issues, by native people, with native people.

Daniel MacIvor's See Bob Run produced by Buddies in Bad Times and Da Da Kamera and performed by Caroline Gillis at the Poor Alex Theatre in Toronto, marking the beginnings of MacIvor's brilliant career in Toronto. It also marks the start of a Toronto invasion by innovative young Cape Breton theatre artists that include, in addition to MacIvor, playwrights Bryden MacDonald and Audrey Butler.

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