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Modern Theatre in Context: A Critical Timeline

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Act I, Scene 4 in 'The Crackwalker'

Judith Thompson's first play, The Crackwalker, opens at Theatre Passe Muraille, directed by Clarke Rogers. Setting the tone for her later even more brutal work, her first play features the lives of socially marginalized and disadvantaged Canadians, this extremely realistic vision of inner-city life counts as one of the bleakest, most unpleasant works in the Canadian repertory, with a mentally challenged woman and her violent friends whose drug usage leads to sexual degradation, and crime (even the murder of a new-born).

The consolidation of the Canadian theatre progresses as the first Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology held at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, and the Canadian Theatre Critics Association/Association des Critiques de Théâtre du Canada is founded to enhance national and international awareness of Canadian theatre, and to promote excellence in theatre criticism. Another sign of this is the founding of the Resource Centre for the Arts Theatre Company in St. John's under the Artistic Directorship of CODCO's Andy Jones and Mary Walsh.

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