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Modern Theatre in Context: A Critical Timeline

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Theatrical innovations, and the encouragement of new Canadian drama becomes increasingly regional. Gerry Potter founds Workshop West in Edmonton, dedicated specifically to the development of Alberta playwriting, in addition to the production of Canadian plays. Similarly the Nakai Theatre Ensemble, founded in Whitehorse, is dedicated to the development of a northern voice, and collaboration with aboriginal Yukoners, as well as to contemporary Canadian plays. And in St. John's, Rising Tide Theatre is founded by Donna Butt and David Ross, with a similar mandate for Nova Scotia (following the lead of the Mulgrave Road Co-op). The first play they produce is Daddy What's a Train?

Another St. John's initiative is the Wonderbolt Circus, formed by Beni Malone, which in some ways serves as the precursor to Cirque du Soleil, which is to be founded in Quebec 6 years later and becomes the most successful performance troupe in the world.

Partly in response to the success of Théâtre Populaire d'Acadie, Le Co-operative Théâtre l'Escaouette is established in Moncton to perform school productions in French throughout the Maritimes.